Building A New Home Is A Huge Undertaking

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We Build Homes With Ease

With so many things to think about ranging from floor plans to construction materials, it can without a doubt become overwhelming rather quickly. The construction company you choose to build your dream home can either make or break the entire process. At Landmark Construction we put thought and care into every project we take on. We pay attention to the details and offer quality materials and workmanship to ensure you’re getting the home you’ve always wanted.

As a building and design firm, Landmark Construction is rated among the top home builders Bloomington IL. Our approach is simple. We strive to build homes that combine functionality and quality craftsmanship. Experience is what sets us apart from others in the construction industry, and at Landmark we take pride in providing our customers with lasting value and top-notch customer service. We work with you to draw up plans and build according to those specifications; nothing more, nothing less. By focusing on your timeline our team works diligently to ensure no detail is overlooked.

We Keep You Informed

Our 2-Phased Process gives our customers a clear and concise understanding of the building process and outlines each of your needs and desires for your new home. As the leading home builders in Normal IL, Landmark Construction keeps you informed throughout the entire project so you’ll never have to guess what we’ve done or where we’re going. 

Our Building Contractors Do It Better

Whether you’re looking to build your new home based on one of our plans or want to start from ground zero, we’ve got you covered. Our knowledge and experience in the construction industry guarantee that a project’s complexity and scale is never a barrier in our process. We’ve earned a reputation in the Bloomington-Normal area for staying on budget and always falling within the timelines given. Those who’ve worked with us in the past have experienced firsthand our commitment to excellence and exceptional work ethic. If you’re looking to build a new home, look no further than Landmark Construction, home builders in Bloomington, IL. Excellence and integrity are in the details, making your home Landmark.